HSE Training Details
The highlights of the Training are as follows:
Understanding HSE Implementation in developed Countries (UK Focus)
Understanding the Legal frameworks for sustaining HSE Culture Understanding the Employer and Employee Responsibility
Managing HSE in a Construction Environment
HSE Implementation in Complex sites and Complex Operations
Understanding Corporate HSE Responsibilities
Comparison of Nigerian HSE Environment
Understanding Organisation Culture from a Behavioral Perspective
Need for Stakeholders to raise the standard within the poor Legal Framework in Nigeria

To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of HSE implementation in the UK; detailing
important Legal framework for sustaining HSE programs
To grasp the essential ingredients of:
o HSE Implementation
Challenges of managing HSE in Construction
Legal implication of HSE management in Construction
To understand the Skills required to supervise and manage HSE in a Construction Site
To provide some Tools required for continued monitoring of HSE on site
The understand the Skills required to develop a functional HSE system in an organisation
To understand Employer and Employee roles and responsibilities
Improve organisation culture via Behavioral HSE implementation

Who Should Attend?
HSE Managers from all Industries
HSE Supervisors and Coordinators of Construction projects (irrespective of project size)
All Technical staff leading activities critical safety (excavation, electrical, mechanical, instrument,
demolition, drilling, hand tools, water or swamp operations, lifting, working at height, public
service providers, etc)
HSE Systems Designers and HSE team leaders
Health Team Leaders and First Aiders
Maintenance Staff

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